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Why Should You Join Enterprise Q&A?

The ability to gain immediate access to the global workforce's knowledge to solve problems makes life easier and more efficient.

By sharing the information you hold, you promote a company culture of collaboration and willingness to help, driving business forward.

Solving Enterprise Pain Points

The implementation of a knowledge and capabilities platform not only brings the advantage of crowd sourced knowledge sharing to the workforce but also solves core business pain points: Namely population insights and the knowledge held across the organization, surfacing influencers or hidden experts and delivering insight into areas of focus. In addition, by pooling global knowledge, the application can show benefits in Workforce Optimization, Product Innovation, Customer Care and Sales. Enterprise Q&A can also integrate with performance and management systems.

Deploying Enterprise Q&A To SAP Customers

SAP customers interested in deploying or piloting Enterprise Q&A in their environment are not required to have Hana Cloud Platform. The application can pilot with integrations into most major business applications as well as unstructured data sets and custom API's. The application can deploy in both a custom private web interface and inside client applications automatically or with minimal bespoke work. Finding experts is a global problem. Solving it is a competitive advantage.

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